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Hi Susan and Milt,

Thanks you so much for sending us Mother Mary's message. It was beautiful and inspiring, as it always is. You two have changed my life, my heart, and soul. Really!

I also wanted to tell you how much I love how you deliver the message of the Casa. The "Casa Insight" question about the site looking "Catholic" (which I hadn't noticed) was explained so clearly, so openly, and as always with honesty and simple truths. You are great wonder Jesus and Mother Mary chose you to do this incredible work. I know, I know, Milt, you're blushing now aren't you?

Thanks for all you do!


Hi Susan,
I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for my beautiful message from Mother Mary. It is so personal; I truly believe she is helping to heal my heart. I feel like I have reconnected with my Spiritual Mother and I know she'll be able to help me heal my old wounds. From there, I'll be able to help even more people with my life purpose.
I thank you again for your bravery in following your intuition and God's call. I’ll keep you, Milt and your mission to build the Casa in my prayers. I look forward to keeping in touch and supporting your call.
Have a wonderful weekend, thanks to you both,
Annie B

Susan is a Medium (but having met her in person she seems like a large), Milt is definitely a large, Mother Mary and Jesus are extra extra extra large, and the Holy Spirit is too big for words.

The Casa will be bread (lachma) for those who hunger spiritually and refreshment for those who are thirsty for God's love. Eat, drink and be merry (or is that Mary?) for the Holy Spirit is upon this project. Our love and hugs go out to you as you get settled into your new home.

The Fruit of the Spirit,

Rich and Jeannie Howard

What a massively, mystical, magnificent healing place will be the Casa de Santa Maria. I will keep the Casa, both of you and all those involved with the creation, in my prayers.


I would love to be a prayer partner so I can help pray for others. While reading Mother Mary's messages, I got one myself. I was worried about something and while I was reading and praying, the Beatles song "Let it Be" came on the radio. It starts with Mother Mary comes to me in words of wisdom "Let it Be". I felt so content after I listened to the song and bagan to cry. I know now to leave my problems in her hands and am no longer worried. I now know this experience I am having is meant to be. I will gladly accept it now as a gift of God and another opportunity for my soul's growth.

Thanks and lots of love sent your way Susan and Milt. God bless,

Wow! I am so happy for you and the things you are doing in creating the Casa De Santa Maria. I can't wait to visit you in Colorado. The fact that you keep in touch with your personal notes of love and encouragement is more meaningful than you know. It seems, just when I need a touch of enlightenment, pop, here comes an email from the two of you. I can't wait to visit the Casa in the near future.

Love & Light,

Blessings for you and the Casa Home, Susan and Milt. Congratulations to you and Spirit for such a lovely, loving, and powerful manifestation. Knowing you both so well I know it will be a healing space for many who come and experience the energy.

Love & Light,

What a beautiful place the Casa De Santa Maria will be. How you both have followed Spirit's guidance over the years is a great inspiration. Many Blessings to your both.


Many blessings to both of you for the beautiful you have found for the Casa De Santa Maria. The area does justice to the beauty of our beautiful Lady. Her presence is necessary here in the United States. May God's peace and love be with you always.


You and the Casa were in my dreams last night. Mother Mary is calling.

In loving Spirit,

We feel so attracted to the Casa de Santa Maria. We can hardly wait to visit.

P & J