Donald M. White
White Hall, Maryland

Don White

Appointed November 19, 2006

Susan and I met Don while facilitating one of our Freeing Your Spirit retreats in Sedona, Arizona in October of 2005. Like reuniting with an old friend from the distant past, the depth of attraction and respect was instant and real.

Our mutual goal of leading people to discover the divinity of self has now become an unbreakable bond — and our lives have been better for the knowing.

Known throughout the business world as a highly respected and gifted motivator of people of all ages and levels, along with his spiritual depth, Don White brings a unique business expertise to the administration of the Casa de Santa Maria.

A 1963 Naval Academy graduate, he spent four years in the navy during the Vietnam War buildup, resigning in 1967 to take a job with Procter & Gamble in their Baltimore plant.

Don spent 26 years with Procter & Gamble, working in line management with many roles and responsibilities. It was during this career that Don was introduced to The Human Element, a body of work taught by the originator, psychologist Dr. Will Schutz. This work and the follow-up training with Dr. Schutz completely reoriented Don’s life and illuminated a previously unnoticed spiritual path.

Don spent the remaining nine years of his P&G career working with intact work teams to improve the consciousness of individual team members and the relationships between members of working teams. This work was so rewarding to Don, and was producing such spectacular results in teams across, first the Baltimore plant, then many other P&G plants, that Don took an early retirement in 1993 and began doing this work for many companies across the country as a consultant.

This work continues. Don’s clients include The Coca-Cola Company, Dial Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Shell Oil Company, James River Corporation, Fort James Corporation, Ivex Packaging Corporation, Mini-Grip/Zip-Pak, Drill Doctor, Barcodes West, Printpack, Rexam Metallizing, Garlock Sealing Technologies, Multicolor Corporation, Barclay Dean Construction, Allpak Container, Rhinelander Paper Company, Raytheon Aircraft Company, and Raytheon Aircraft Service.

In addition to providing initial training in the fundamental elements of this work, Don has provided follow-up coaching at all levels in the organization, from CEO to new-hire Team Managers.

Don’s work with teams and individuals began in the early days of The Human Element with intense and extensive work on himself, with the objective of increasing his own consciousness. This began a spiritual journey that has grown exponentially stronger and more important to him over the ensuing years.

As Don says it, "My objective is to reduce stress and help individuals to realize they are creating their own lives and experiences, and to appreciate themselves as masterpieces. This is the work I was born to do."