Julia Lewis
McKinney, Texas

Julia 2

Julia & Benny Lewis


Director - Appointed May 2014

How Susan and I met Julia Lewis—we can't quite figure out! Ask Julia and she answers, "I Just Showed Up!" Indeed there was something magical in our getting together this lifetime—

Julia responded to an email invitation to one of our Sedona, Arizona retreats—an email we had no record or recollection of sending!!! (Don't ya just love when spirit takes over your computer when it fits their purpose?)

Julia felt she Just Had To attend that retreat to find out what was "going on." That was in August 2002. Half way through the retreat, while speaking to the group, Susan received information from spirit—and so announced—"Julia and Milt were brother and sister in a prior life!" And so the bond was reestablished across time and space—buttressed by the similarity of our quirky and off-the-wall sense of humor!

Susan and I were immediately drawn to Julia's sweetness and goodness of heart, and her dedication to making this world a better place for all with whom she came in contact—and beyond. However and whomever led us together this time around—we give thanks to the process. Susan and my life are much the better for it and we are so pleased and happy that Julia has accepted appointment as our newest Casa Board member.

Julia is a long time Casa supporter and is an active Casa Angel!

Julia Shares:

I was born—this time—on a farm in northern Oklahoma—well, born in Oklahoma and raised on a farm. We also raised wheat, cattle, and hogs, and watched tornadoes for fun and occasional fast trips to the cellar.

After high school, I went to Oklahoma State University and earned a B.S. in Agronomy—the science of soil management and crop production.. After working for the U.S.D.A Soil Conservation Service, I returned to O.S.U. and earned a M.S. in Horticulture, with an emphasis on Pomology (fruit and nut crops). I spent a lot of time in pecan trees.

I continued my pomological studies at North Carolina State University, where I put apple trees in space suits and studied them for 4 years. After earning a Ph.D. in Horticultural Science, I took a job back at O.S.U. as State Specialist and Assistant Professor, responsible for berries, grapes, and wine production.

Five years later, we had all had enough of my career in academia. I married husband Benny and eventually moved to North Texas to live with him. He is an award-winning machinist that works on parts for radars and optics.

During all these career changes, I also served as a minister beginning at 16 years old. I accepted Jesus as my Lord when I was 14. That is the single most important event of this lifetime, and has influenced every major choice that I have made. I served as a priest in one denomination for about 2 decades.
After some changes in the denomination, I resigned from it. Some time later, I left denominational Christianity behind. Although I miss having a local congregation, it is the right choice for me at this time.

If you ask me what I do, I say, "Anything I want." I am a massage therapy instructor, licensed massage therapist, certified massage doula, labor support professional, musician, author, wife, family member, artist, quilter, gardener, and friend. I have 3 cats, and they have me.

My real work consists of bringing beauty into the world in various forms. It flows through Christian Mysticism. I AM deeply connected to Earth and to the Creator of All That Is. Some of the things that I am called to do include: witnessing healing, helping wayward souls to cross over, freeing people and
places from fallen and low energy beings, and comforting those in distress. I also enjoy playing FarmTown.

I enjoy learning and practicing new things, taking on challenging projects, and watching Laurel and Hardy (especially, "The Music Box"). In our relationship -- my dear friend Milt has become Oliver Hardy to my Stan Laurel.

Benny and I are excited to be visiting the Casa and Mother Mary's Garden next month, attending the Awakening Your Intuitive Heart retreat in June. I understand there will be five Casa Board members attending that retreat so that will be a fun way to meet.

Love, Peace, and Laughter.
Julia Lewis