Lisa Heiser
Baltimore, Maryland

Bon Voyage Dear Lisa

lisa Buddy

Lisa and dear friend Buddy

It is with a deep sense of sadness and loss—and yet an absolute feeling of joy and wonderment that we share with you the "graduation" of our dear Lisa Heiser who returned to the spirit dimension this morning (June 13th, 2011).

This amazing woman was not only a charter member of our Casa de Santa Maria Board of Directors, she was the epitome of a caring and loving friend to all she met, and in particular to all in need. We have first hand knowledge of many of those she befriended and to whom she gave aid during their time of crisis.

Our literal earth-angel has finally received her wings and, once acclimated to her new surroundings, is now ready to intercede on our behalf—each and every one of you who call upon her loving spirit for help and guidance. We can well imagine the celebration surrounding the joyous reunion with her beloved mother, father and dear friend Buddy.

How perfect a send off that just yesterday—Sunday, June 12th Lisa was surrounded in the loving embrace of 130 of family and friends who celebrated her on a cruise on the Chesapeake Bay, and how fitting that her soul mate and dearest friend and husband Michael held Lisa in his arms this morning as she was birthed back into spirit.

Free of physical pain and worries, aware that her earthly relationships continue, Lisa now has a clearer view and understanding of the overall reason life contains the twists and turns that so many of us are left to question and grapple with.

Be aware that our friend Lisa receives every thought and emotion you direct to her—instantly.

To our friend Michael, be well, and know that your love continues on, just in a different form and that its existence made this part of the journey so much easier for dear Lisa. Your heart-connection will remain until you meet up again, only to grow even greater!

Love & Light to all,

Milt & Susan Sanderford
Casa de Santa Maria

And So It Continues

Shortly before Lisa's Graduation—Susan and I had several conversations concerning the joy involved anticipating the reunion with her beloved parents, as well as Buddy—and the continued relationship she could look forward to with her soul-mate and husband Michael. Indeed, those were the positive aspects of her return to the spirit dimension.

Lisa also took great pleasure in our telling her we wanted to keep her on the Casa Board as an active contributor. Her comment was "Oh how wonderful. I've always felt badly that I haven't been able to devote more time to helping with the Casa projects -- now I suspect I'll have that needed time! Thank you for wanting me to continue from that other side!"

We all laughed, as we always did when speaking with our dear friend and supporter Lisa. The conversation was bittersweet—but as we shared, it was a win-win situation she was faced with. She understood, and embraced that concept. Did she want to stay and continue her earthly journey with Michael? Of course she did. Did she understand the benefits of returning home, and see the benefits in that scenario playing out? She most certainly did.

One word stands out as Lisa's friends and loved ones reflect on her life. Lisa was an amazing person. Susan and I will attest to that description. Lisa IS an amazing person-- now alive and well and living in the spirit dimension. Home!

We're proud to have her continued presence on the Casa de Santa Maria's Board of Directors.


Director - Appointed February 12, 2007

Susan and I met Lisa when we presented at a conference on Cayce On Life After Death, at the Association For Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 1999. Although the connection was brief, we were instantly aware our paths would cross again, in a most meaningful way.

Lisa's sparkle and zest for life had a profound effect on us. Over the years we have become dear friends — and our lives have been better for the knowing.

Lisa is the Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and Equity at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She comes to this role with 26 years of experience in career and professional development, over half of which have been at Johns Hopkins. Prior to joining the School of Medicine, Lisa was the Director of the university’s Career Management Program for Faculty and Staff, a program she developed and led for 13 years.

Lisa earned her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota and is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Fellows in Change Management Program. Prior to working with faculty and staff at Hopkins, Lisa directed career offices and programs for students at the University of Minnesota and the University of Maryland, College Park. She co-authored her first book, The Essentials of Career Interest Assessment, which was published by John Wiley and Sons in 2000. Lisa is also a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (MD). Her work has been recognized by the university and national groups. She was the first recipient of the Women in Leadership Award presented by the Johns Hopkins University Women’s Network in 2001. Her Career Management Program received the Maryland Career Development Association’s award for Outstanding Employer Career Development Programs in 2002. And, in 2005, Lisa received the National Career Development Association’s Outstanding Career Practitioner of the Year Award. 

Lisa also consults with organizations on establishing career and professional development programs and has particular interests in psychological assessment, adult career and professional development, mentorship, and organizational career development systems.

Lisa shares; "Susan and Milt, I love you with all my heart and can never thank you enough for all your spiritual guidance, wisdom, love, and support. How grateful I am that I have come to know you and be witness to the wonderful healing work you both do! Thank you so much for the honor of being asked to serve on your Board of Directors."