Scott Tinker
Parker, Colorado

Scott Director - Appointed April 20, 2007

Susan and I met Scott while presenting our Freeing Your Spirit Conference at the Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona, in October of 2004. Our connection with this special person was instant and magical.

Scott's loving spirit and devotion to the creation of the Casa de Santa Maria has endeared him to our hearts. His many hours of hard work on behalf of the Casa is testament to the worthiness of this appointment.

With green being Scott Tinker's favorite color, he fits right in to the Casa de Santa Maria's plan to build an environmentally friendly spiritual center focused on solar and wind power, as well as the use of natural materials in our building construction. Scott is fast becoming an expert on straw bale building, food growing domes, water conservation, passive solar heating, and harnessing the power of wind.

Currently a gifted and highly respected senior network security engineer, specializing in computer security with Catholic Health Initiatives in Denver, Colorado, Scott's love of building began in early childhood with the construction of his hideaway forts on his parents 108 acre off-the-grid Washington State property. His other developed hobbies were early home computers and working on classic muscle cars.

One of his first jobs was working in quality control for nuclear fuel production for Siemens Nuclear Power Cooperation. He then worked at the Hanford Department of Energy super cleanup site, helping on the chemical and radioactive waste cleanup projects working for ICF Kaiser and Westinghouse. This experience gave Scott a serious sense of the importance of caring for our environment.

As Scott explains, "My experience in cars, computers, chemical/nuclear waste, and health care have vividly shown me how we treat the earth and people in our society. I feel strongly we need to help the earth, and people on it, to be more self reliant and work with mother nature — not against it."

"This has driven my personal interest in self-sufficient living and construction with natural materials. It was exciting to learn of the Casa de Santa Maria plans to GO GREEN to help preserve the environment. I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of the Casa's development"

"Attending Susan and Milt's Freeing Your Spirit retreat in Sedona, Arizona in 2004, and being a part of their Easter 2006 Medjugorje, Bosnia tour, were keystones in my spiritual development, and I'm honored to become a part of their Casa Creation Team."