Susan K. Sanderford
San Luis, Colorado


Spiritual and Co-Executive Director
Appointed May 22, 2005

Fourteen years ago Susan and Milt promised God they would go anyplace, and do anything, He would ask of them.

After graduating from Emmaus Bible College in Chicago, Susan began a successful career in computer graphic arts as a self taught technical illustrator for such companies as Hughes Aircraft, Honeywell and PRC Corporation. The work involved flight simulator illustrations for the F-16 fighter jet and V-22 Helicopter.

Although the pay was great, unhappy with schematic flowcharts, government contract proposals, and association with military activities, Susan gravitated to the print media, working as a graphic artist for a Florida newspaper, and eventually publishing her own monthly newspaper, The Mirror of Metropolitan Orlando, Florida.

It was during this period that Susan began her true spiritual journey in 1993 when she invited God to show her His truth and become her teacher. Soon afterward began the mystical experiences, dreams and visions that changed her life and allowed her to experience God. Through those experience she was able to understand the transforming power of Divine Love.

"As a fundamentalist Christian for 38 years, my life and my heart were empty and lonely. I didn’t feel God’s presence in my life. I wanted to know why. "God, I've been doing it right all my life, attending church, four years of bible college in Chicago, teaching Sunday School. Why am I so miserable and unhappy? God, Where are You? Where is that God of miracles? I want to know the God who parted the Red Sea.” God, according to man, had not served me well.

I then told God I was throwing all my beliefs out the window. I asked God to teach me what His Truth was, promising to serve Him in whatever way he led. Old beliefs were exposed as illusions, and God's Truth of Love and Service to Him and mankind were revealed as my life’s mission. I then asked God to show me what Divine love was. Within months my soul-mate and living angel miraculously appeared in the form of my future husband, Milt Sanderford.

In Milt, for the first time in my life I finally saw God working through a human being. I learned the meaning of unconditional love. With Milt’s help and encouragement, within months my mediumship gifts began to develop. This challenged me to the core. It was not an easy road. It was not a road I would have chosen, but God showed it was His way of using me to bring healing to the world."

While visiting Medjogorje, Bosnia in 2002, Susan was asked by Mother Mary to be willing and open to share the Divine Mother's love to a new audience of non-Catholics as well as what she called wounded Catholics. This was to be done by sharing Mother Mary's words as passed on to Susan.

Susan's response to this surprising request? “But Mary, I'm not even Catholic!” To which Mary responded, “Well neither am I!” It was then that Susan realized this divine and revered mother of Jesus was indeed offering herself as Mother to all of God's children, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Susan is now a mystic, spiritual medium, intuitive counselor and channel of Mother Mary's words, love, energy and presence.

Directed by Spirit in May 2005 to visit with the Brazilian healer known as John of God at his Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil, it was at this time that Susan and husband Milt were commissioned by Jesus and Mother Mary to create another casa, the Casa de Santa Maria, a non-denominational healing sanctuary and spiritual retreat center in America, where Jesus promised Mother Mary and her Holy Helper's presence will reside to bring about healing in the lives of her beloved children.

Just a year later, property for the Casa had been located, purchased, and Susan and Milt sold their home and belongings and, on August 5th of 2006, moved to the San Luis Valley in Colorado. The journey continues...