Communicating With Spirit

Having entered our fifteenth year of mediumship work, and having spoken with thousands of those now living in the spirit dimension, we feel comfortable in passing on information we've learned through these conversations—speaking with authority. (Not just sharing theories about how and why things work the way they do.)

The fact is, you are in constant communication with loved ones living in the spirit dimension—and they with you. Most of we humans just aren't aware this connection is taking place. Why? Our minds are so cluttered, always on the go, always planning how to handle our next challenge, our next day, our kids chest cold, paying the bills, finding a job. Our busy-ness seems endless.

Thus, the majority of we humans are not the greatest RECEIVERS of this ongoing information that flows from spirit.

That's why it's important to master meditation if we want to be aware of this ongoing connection we have with our deceased loved ones, our spirit guides and helpers, the ascended masters with whom we have open access.

Let's back up a minute. What's this Constant Communication all about? How is it going on? Why is it happening?

Our thoughts are energy. This energy travels instantly to those to whom our thoughts are directed, whether directed to a deceased loved one, to Jesus, or Mother Mary, a saint to whom you pray, any spiritual icon with whom you feel connected— instantly.

Not only do our thoughts travel in this manner, so also do our emotions. Example... Your loved one recently "graduated" (crossed over) back into the spirit dimension (where we all originated and to where we eventually all return!)

That heart connection you shared is still there. It's an emotion that doesn't die/stop with the physical death of a body. Indeed, you continue to be connected with your loved one. Every thought you think of them is instantly received by them. Every emotion you feel toward them is instantly received by them.

They, in turn, respond to your grief, joy (via happy memories) sadness (in an attempt to comfort)—by sending thoughts and emotions to you. NOW, the Catch-22 becomes even deeper. Not only do most of we humans NOT sense/feel/receive their response due to our active minds that create a block to such information getting though to us—the energy of our grief and sadness compounds that wall that blocks their energy/thoughts getting through.

That's the conundrum we face in hearing/feeling the presence of spirit. That's why reputable mediums like Susan are so rare and in such demand. Although most good mediums will say "I'm nothing special. Anyone can really do what I do!"—I don't buy that. For some reason a rare number among us have this gift to TUNE IN to thoughts and emotions coming from other worldly dimensions, and then interpreting those thoughts and emotions for loved ones and seekers still on the earth plane!

Back to your grief causing a blockage! Are we saying DON'T GRIEVE? Not on your life. Grieving is a necessary part of your healing process. FEEL your grief and EXPRESS it with those tears. You don't want it to stay stuck (literally) in your body. If you are angry over your loss, FEEL that anger, and EXPRESS that anger so it moves up and out of your system. If it stays stuck in your body (repressed) without question—it will lead to depression and physical illness.

As you work through your normal grieving process, and then develop a meditation program, you will be removing the emotions and busy-ness that prevents you from communicating with spirit—if that's your goal.

We've also learned that you don't have to wait for your loved one to get a message through to you. You can GO GET THEM!

We've learned our imaginations are oh so very powerful. Our imagination can CREATE a reality. This isn't make believe we're talking about. (Our spirit guides shared this information with us and we've verified it with many now living in the spirit dimension.) Example... Quiet your mind. Imagine you and your departed loved one in a familiar setting. It may be walking hand in hand on the beach, or sitting and chatting on a porch swing, or driving along a country road.

Start up a conversation. Tell them thoughts and feelings you'd like to share. Express your emotions of missing them etc. Keep working at this exercise and one day you will become aware that these conversations are actually taking place. They will actually take on a life of their own. One day you will hear your loved one say something -- and you'll think -- now wait a minute... I DIDN'T THINK that thought -- and you'll realize that was indeed your loved one responding to you.

You'll realize you ARE communicating.

We don't die when we are ready to leave this earthly form. We return home -- where we REALLY are alive and well -- and living to the fullest!

And briefly, that's the anatomy of communication with the spirit world.