Bring Back Joy Into Your Life

There's a simple adage that has helped many do just that:

"When You Change the Way You Look at Things,
The Things You Look at Change"

Why not put that philosophy to the test? If you have been fighting or resisting what seems to be an uncomfortable or undesirable life situation — step back and try to see the good in it? It could be a struggle with finances, employment, relationships, an illness or even a loss of a loved one.

Spirit has shared with us that pain in our lives is there because we are resisting learning the lesson it is there to teach us! Would you at least consider that as a possibility?

Ask Spirit to help you examine whatever is causing your pain with a different point of view. It's not easy to break old habits. It's not easy to find the good and God in absolutely everything we experience. It's there to find! Ask for truth to be revealed to you and it will!