On Death of a Loved One (and other losses)

So many losses to deal with, the most difficult, that of a loved one. Oh, we may have the comforting philosophy they are now in a much better place—for that is true. That fact still doesn't ease the pain of missing their physical presence.

Then there are other losses we face daily. Losses cause by catastrophic events like hurricanes, tsunami's, earthquakes, wars, man's inhumanity to man.

Oh that we were able to understand it all. I doubt we ever will with these limited human minds, but one day we will. We'll eventually see how it all fit together to form a perfect process for understanding and accepting the lessons we came to this planet earth-school to learn.

For our sanity we need to stop asking "Why?" and we need to pray for our hearts to be brought to peace as we reach out to offer our love, compassion and assistance to others in need. Most important is learning to offer those same gifts of love, compassion and assistance to ourselves in our times of challenge. After all, becoming love is what it is all about.

One day we'll see that everything, every bit of it was in Divine order. All the things we decided were negative, horrific, and punishing, we will eventually come to awareness as to why it happened—and that it was indeed ALL in Divine order—for a Divine purpose.

The best thing we can do for ourselves, and those around us, is to ask the Creator to bring us to peace with the process. If you pray to God, Great Spirit, Jesus, that great Jewish Mother Mary, Allah, Buddha, Universal Consciousness—whomever, if you ask to be brought to peace—they will respond immediately. It's then up to you to accept.

Understand what has happened to those whose physical lives have ended. The souls that occupied those bodies are back home, no longer in need of a physical body. Having completed their assignment here, they have returned to spirit from where we all came and to, where we will eventually all return.

Those souls were immediately welcomed by their loved ones, angels, guides and helpers in an amazing reunion, and wrapped in un- conditional love and acceptance. They didn't die, they were birthed back into spirit, that place where we reside in the Creator's presence for eternity. Their lives have not been cut short. They live on with purpose and meaning, and they continue their journey in a new dimension — just as we all will one day.

Planet earth is just a temporary dimension for us to experience what we chose to experience. Spirit (what some call heaven) is where the action is. That's where we really live, free of this dense and vulnerable five-senses earthly body, learning and growing in a pain free and love-full environment.

We are all smack-dab in the middle of our eternal life, and planet earth is but a paragraph in our never ending story. So, what's the worst of your fears? Death?

Physical death liberates your soul to return where true life exists. Death is a graduation from earth-school, back to reality. Not the end—but a new beginning. What a perfect plan. Enjoy the ride—don't fear it!

Even if you accept all this as truth, that still does not lessen the pain due to the physical loss of a loved one. That will continue, for a time. You will always miss them. As you become more and more aware of their presence around you, the pain will grow less, and you will begin to feel their presence even more.

Pray to be brought to peace, and we will pray that for you also.

We are so sorry for your loss. Actual human-to-human support will do you a world of good at this moment in time.

Here's a website we recommend you visit for support from others who have experienced a recent loss.

Go to; www.groww.org/chat

Our prayer is for your peace, comfort and healing. You will heal.