My Life Is So Hard

Welcome to Earth School where Course #1 is: Pain and Suffering 101. No one can circumvent this class, it is a required course. It's why we chose to enroll. That's right—YOU chose all this so your soul could learn and grow. Now that you know this, it will be helpful to understand that you are exactly where you need to be… fear, despondency, confusion, relationship difficulties and all.

And, although it doesn't feel good—it is a good place for you to be, because it is an experience designed to help your Soul to Grow, and that's the reason we are experiencing this earth life, not necessarily to be happy, or productive, or rich—but to experience situations and people that will help our souls to expand, and learn, and grow. Many of those relationships and situations are positive and helpful, and many seem negative and destructive—ALL are given to us as learning lessons, meaning ALL have a beneficial purpose.

It is "pain and suffering" that is the catalyst for major growth. Although it feels bad, in truth, it is all good and you will look back on this situation in a year or two and be very thankful for the experience—and the lessons learned.

Try to understand that what you are experiencing is neither right nor wrong – or – good or bad, (those are our human perceptions), it is just an experience your soul has chosen to learn the lessons you have come to Earth School to learn. The universe (God, Spirit, Creator, whatever you like to call the "All That Is") is giving you a Divine gift, or if you like, a kick in the pants to help you grow. Kind of a 2 x4 that has gotten your attention that something needs to change in your life or in your thinking. Sounds like you ARE getting that message. This it the first step of the Spiritual Journey, the "Wake Up Call" —that something needs to change, because you are feeling miserable.

Course #2 in this Earth School is: Overcoming Pain and Suffering. Seems like a tall order, but it is a very simple step to shift into this course. All you need do is to "surrender" to the experience, rather than "resisting" the experience. Pain is always about resistance. It is about not wanting to be experiencing what you are experiencing.

Here's the trick, and if you master it you will eventually find the joy you have been longing for. Embrace where you are, this very moment, and the pain will to go away. Accept and embrace that all those things causing you pain and confusion, are actually in your life to teach you valuable lessons. You don't have to LIKE what's happening, but if you can accept that it is in your life for GOOD — you will eventually see that good.

And in that process, the pain and frustration will become less and less, and you WILL get to that place of peace and happiness.

There is an old saying, and it is so true, "Change the way you look at things -- and the things you look at will change!" That is what your guides are asking you to do.

"Here's the most important step in this process... Embrace your "self" just the way you are, warts and all, right now in this very moment, it's OK for you to not be perfect and not have all the answers — yet.

Invite Divine Spirit (God) in to your being to heal YOU. The unhappy marriage, or difficult job, or crummy boss, or difficulties with your children -- it's all a gift to you, to help you find the miracle of YOU!

You will eventually learn that you do not need your husband, or your boss, or your kids to love you to be OK, however YOU need to love YOU to be OK and move ahead.

Surrender these relationships or situations to God. It's not your job to heal it, it's not your job to fix it. It is your job to "surrender" it to God. God knows what is best for the both of you, and whether your marriage or job is to be ended or if there are lessons still to be learned by staying put.

It's important you be completely open to the signs that will tell you whether your relationship is in the process of healing, or coming to an end. TRUST YOUR INTUITION! It will not fail you. You won't have to guess, or fear you are making a mistake. When you say "God, I'm putting this in your hands now. I may not have a clue -- buy YOU know what's best for me. Show me the way!"

Then trust that will happen. You will have a KNOWING!

The moment you let go of needing another person to act or behave in a certain way for you to be happy, is the moment you will let go of your fears and anxiety.

Remember, it take two to tango. So if you are working on your self, changing and growing, and others are not, then you will eventually out grow them and the relationship will naturally end because you no longer vibrate at the same spiritual level.

It is important for you to go on your spiritual journey whether anyone else goes or not. Do not let them be the cause of you "not" growing. That's the whole reason we came to this earth school. Learn the lessons, then return to that wonderful spirit dimension, a more perfect being.

At the moment, you see your relationships and situations as being the cause of your pain. In reality -- they are not. The cause of your pain is about what is unhealed within you.

Life is a mirror to us. If you are feeling unloved or unappreciated, in reality it is YOU that is not loving YOU, and the universe is giving you a mirror to show you that fact, by being in a relationship where you do not feel loved orappreciated.

The interesting thing here is that, if you have not learned what you need to learn from this relationship and decide to leave, you will attract another situation just like it down the road until you learn the lesson. Eventually you will need to learn the lesson, no matter what setting you find yourself in.

Change is constant in life. Things can not, and will not, stay the same if we want to grow. It's time to let go of the past and start creating a future. The way to start that is by being willing for Spirit (God) to change you, and your perceptions of how you see the world. In doing so, you will find the life that is ahead of you will be much more satisfying than the life you now miss.

In reality, there is Only God. Yes, God is with you now, this very moment whether you see Him/Her or not. It is your being lost in your pain that is keeping you from clarity and your own inner wisdom. In truth -- all the answers are within you. You are not the unsure, fearful individual you think you are. You are more than what you see in the mirror.

Ask GOD to show that greatness to you.

Let's make friends with your pain instead of wanting to run away from the feelings. Pain is a great and wonderful teacher. We feel God through the feelings, but if you are blocked with pain, you will not be able to see God in them midst of your life right now.

Give yourself permission to "feel". Do not judge the feelings, just feel them. They are your truth and it is OK to feel.

You have to "Feel it to Heal It".

If you want to get your joy back, then you have to NOT avoid the pain, the anger, the despondency, the hurt, etc. You have to go into them to heal them. These are great friends to you. Feel everything to its core, then you will move past the pain and find your joy and happiness. Again, this part of your life has nothing to do with your husband, it all has to do with what needs to be healed in you.

If it's loneliness you're dealing with, often it is important for us to be "alone" on this spiritual journey. Being alone can be a gift to your growth. These periods force us to go within and find the answers to life. All the answers you could ever need are within you. Others being in your life right now will just be a distraction to keep you from doing your real inside work and healing. You will get back to sharing with others, right now this is about "your" healing and you finding your own heart -- and loving what you find.

Once you learn to love YOU, and realize that your greatest love of all is your "self", then you will know you are never alone. Life will mirror your belief that you are LOVE, and you will attract that same kind unconditional love into your life 10 fold. That attraction will include both relationships and situations.

If you are dealing with a health issue then make friends with your pain. Illness is always about unreleased feelings stuck in the body. We call unreleased emotions hairballs. With Spirit's help you can cough up those hairballs, then the body will heal.

Realize you are smack dab in the middle of eternal life. This is only one little chapter of the book of you. You are not stuck in this place forever. You will grow past these lessons. You will go on to experience the happiness, love, joy and peace you are looking for. But to get there you have to embrace and surrender to the now.

So take a deep breath. Invite Spirit in to change you and how you perceive life. Not to change your situation, but to truly change you!!! This is the true miracle you are seeking.

Mother Mary says to you:

My dearest child,

You are the Miracle you have been seeking.
You are the heart you want to find.
You are God's gift to the world.
You have been created as Divine.
You are My heart, I am yours,
there is nothing between the two.
You are my beloved child,
my gift to you is YOU!

Know you are loved — just the way your are!