Healing Your Low Self Esteem

Why is it so hard to accept change as being good? For many, change is something to fight, even though that change will likely bring positive results in our lives. Ever wonder why that is so in your own life?

It has to do with what you were taught in those formative years. Lucky you if your role models were loving, kind and smart. Lucky you if they supported you, built you up, helped you see your divinity and importance, even though you made your share of growing-up-faux pas.

I'd say the vast majority of us were not that fortunate. If we were told we were stupid, ugly, worthless, would never amount to anything—guess what, as children we bought into the misinformation. (sometimes it was mean downright lies that came from our role model's mouths and hearts.)

Why would they treat us that way? Likely it's all they knew about themselves from their childhood role models, and, because of ignorance, they were doing the best they could. That still doesn't make their wounding words and actions right, and we must honor our current feelings and beliefs today, if we are to heal from them.

So why is it so hard to find the truth and heal from the negative beliefs we have, especially about ourselves? I call it the Baby Elephant Syndrome.

Driving through Downingtown, Pennsylvania In the early seventies, I spotted a small traveling circus setting up shop for a week of performing. To satisfy my curiosity, I walked among the confusion.

I approached the man in charge of securing the elephants. "That rope looks too thin to hold those big guys!" I expertly opined. "Nah, they don't know no better! When we get them as babies we secure them with heavy metal chains and when they try to break free, the pain keeps them in their place!"

"You know what they say about an elephant's memory. They remember that painful experience from childhood, and although you would think they'd realize their own strength now, that old pain is imbedded in them, still holding them down by the flimsiest of ropes!

See the connection? Our guardian's, teachers, siblings, classmates, whoever we looked up to, when they demeaned us in any way, they were placing those baby elephant chains around our belief system. Those chains became our truth. They still are.

If you understand and see your beliefs for what they are, you can heal and change your way of thinking and believing. Now that you have a bit of understanding where that baggage came from, ask spirit for help in breaking those chains from the past. You CAN heal.