Dealing With Suicide

One of the most painful losses we experience is when a loved one has a hand in their own death.

There's a great deal of confusion about suicide, mainly caused by a variety of teaching in our various churches.

In our mediumship work, since 1995, we have had over 2,800 communications with those now living in the spirit dimension, so we speak with authority on this subject.

Here are the facts; Our loved ones are not in a dark place upon taking their own lives. They are not judged as having committed a mortal sin as some would have you believe.

Upon leaving their physical body, they are immediately greeted by their angels and spirit guides and surrounded with love. It is common for their first reaction to be, "Whoops, I made a big mistake! I should have chosen a better way to work out my problems!"

There is also an awareness that sets in as to the pain they have caused loved ones left behind. They were not conscious of that before the actual act. Likely they were under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or an entity controlling/clouding their judgement.

When they are ready, they are ministered to (helped) as to how they could have better handled their situation, and are helped in dealing with their confusion. In effect, they go through a rehabilitation process, after which they continue on their spiritual growth journey. The main point is -- they do not get out of learning their lessons.

In many cases we've learned that they were actually "pulled out of" their earthly bodies because they were not "getting" their lessons and were heading down a destructive path that would have lead to a continued (increasingly) miserable earthly life -- for them, and for those around them. If you can understand that concept -- their physical death was then actually a gift to them (and their loved ones). A chance to return to the spirit dimension to regroup and heal from their problems in a more loving and supporting setting.

In effect, in those situations, we miss their physical presence, but certainly do not miss the confusion, pain and suffering their tormented lives brought to our lives. We are also often left with feelings of guilt, dealing with questions like, "How did I fail them?" or, "What could I have done to help them more?" "Was this my fault?"

The fact is -- this was their choice, and nothing we should have or could have done would have changed what was meant to be.

Please understand -- their decision had nothing to do with you -- and everything to do with their misunderstandings or misperceptions clouded by outside influences. Even if you had an argument or exchanged cross words before they left -- that did not cause them to take their physical life.

Notice we speak of the loss of their physical life. In truth, the soul is eternal. It cannot be killed or done away with. Our loved ones live on in that spirit dimension -- where we all began, and that place to where we eventually all return. They continue to grow, and learn -- and -- to be a part of our lives.

As anyone who has crossed back into spirit -- they hear every thought you think of them and feel every feeling you feel toward them. Your relationship has not ended -- and, (this might be a difficult concept to accept right now), in many ways, your relationship has improved.