Healing the Inner Child

Are you experiencing low self esteem, depression, fear, anger, relationship/employment problems, loss of faith/spirituality, weight gain.

Chances are, these are all symptoms of emotional and physical wounds you experienced as child. Less about what is happening at the present time -- and more about childhood wounds that are being triggered by what is happening in your life today.

If we grow up with a controlling, critical, emotionally withholding parent(s), chances are those actions, reactions and lack of emotional bonding/love have caused deep and long lasting wounds to that little child that now resides inside of us all.

(S)He just didn't know how to handle those feelings of hurt, frustration, of being unloved, (or at least the feeling of being unloved), so what happened is, those feelings got stuck inside, never to be dealt with, understood, and eventually released. Repressed negative emotions usually eventually manifest in our adult life in the form of depression and/or anger.

After all, as kids, we have no inner knowing as to how to process these emotions. When we are criticized, put down, ignored, and all those negative things that can happen to us in the growing up process -- we automatically think there is something very wrong WITH US. We have no way of rationalizing, "Gee, I don't feel wanted or loved by dad. It must be he got the same treatment in his growing up process, and he just never learned how to extend love as a result!" "I understand that, and can forgive his inability to reach out to me -- but I know his inability has nothing to do with ME!

Our thoughts are more like -- "I don't feel love and acceptance coming from mom -- therefore I am not lovable!"

And these wounds are not always the results of parents but can be from our interaction with siblings, classmates, and even "friends".

Why is knowing all this important? Well, the fact is, when we have a wounded inner child -- those wounds often establish how we view the world as adults, and how we react to things happening in our current life. When your spouse does something or says something that triggers that unloved feeling, or that parental criticism in your inner child -- BOOM, that overreaction is triggered.

Is it too late to heal those wounds and get your actions and reacting back to a healthy norm? Not at all.

In our inner child counseling session, spirit has shared the following exercise to help heal those wounds.

FIRST... Go to a Walgreens, or WalMart. Go to the toy section and buy yourself a Whiffle Ball Bat. (A big plastic bat.) Keep it near your bed -- ours is kept behind the open bedroom door.

When your anger is triggered, sit and meditate a few minutes. Ask your spirit helpers "What's this all about? Give me some childhood memories that might be triggering this anger in me!"

Trust me -- those memories will come, perhaps not right away, but keep asking. And don't be surprised if the memories seem to be so insignificant. I'll give you an example of one that came up for Susan when she was working on her fear of public speaking (or just having attention drawn to her.)

The memory was from a first grade incident. Mom gave her a brownie for lunch. It sat temptingly in her lunch bag in her desk. Well, the temptation became to great. She began to nibble on the brownie as the teacher busily engaged the students in a writing activity.

From the back of the class, Dana Melson piped up, "I SMELL CHOCOLATE!!!" Well, that was it. Little Susan was called up in front of the class, and the teacher really gave her a chewing out. Susan was devastated as she returned to her seat. Those feelings were repressed -- never to surface -- EXCEPT, as an adult, anytime Susan became the center of attraction, she wilted and retreated.

Pretty difficult for a person who was now asked to speak/teach in front of groups of many people. Isn't it amazing how those chlidhood wounds effect our TODAY living? Susan meditated and asked for memories that would help her with her heal her inability to present in public.

She got what she asked for those fourteen years ago. More perfectly, spirit shared how to heal from that situation.

1) Get a plastic bat.

2) Put your pillow lengthwise on the bed and make believe that pillow is the teacher who humiliated that innocent child Susan who was tempted by the brownie.

3) Beat the hell out of that teacher. Scream and holler at her. Curse words work really well. The idea here is to tap into that anger that has been stuck in Susan's body from that experience. Once you reach down into that stuck anger -- literally stuck in the body, keep beating that pillow and scream, rage, and keep it up until it is exhausted. Literally gone from your body. THAT is the moment you have healed from that childhood situation.

4) Next -- and just as important, make believe that little Dana Melson is that pillow. Beat the hell out of Dana. As innocent as she might have been in making her observation -- you must honor your feelings. This has nothing to do with right or wrong. It has everything to do with what YOU feel/felt. If you felt mad that Dana squealed on you, honor that.

Wack, wack, you stupid Dana Melson. Wack! Why did you say that and get me in trouble? WACK, WACK. I'll know your block off! Wack, Wack. Get it all out.

The results of physically releasing the repressed anger as a result of that traumatic experience? Get Susan in front of a group of people -- and you can't get her to sit down...

IT WORKS folks. You say it doesn't sound very spiritual? Hey, anger is just an energy to move through. IF YOU DON'T, it messes up your life in a number of ways. If not released in this way, you are likely experiencing depression, inappropriate response to current situations that cause personal relationship difficulties, job problems, et al.

Repressed anger WILL also lead to a number of physical difficulties, namely cancers and the like.

Think of how angry that little child is inside if they happened to be abused in some way, sexually, physically or otherwise. You might need several bats to work through that one. YOU MUST get that anger out of your system -- PHYSICALLY. Are your ready to take back your life?

If you need more help, email us and we'll point you in the right direction. It's time to heal.