Mother Mary's Garden at Casa de Santa Maria


Mother Mary's statue, Mother Mary’s Garden—looks kinda “Catholic” doesn’t it? It isn’t though. The Casa is non-denominational, affiliated with NO organized religion. As non-Catholics, Susan and I, like many non-Catholics, never knew how, or even IF, this special woman fit into our spiritual lives. Kudos to the Catholic faithful for being first to recognize her special place in and to the world.

It was in Medjugorje, Bosnia that Susan first met Mother Mary. While Susan was meditating near Mary's statue outside of Saint Steven’s church, wondering why she had been led to visit this distant place, Mary said to her, “You’ve accepted Jesus into your heart, now you are going to accept ME!”

Mary then asked that we help introduce her Divine Feminine Universal Love to a new audience, and to tell “wounded” Catholics she has always been with them and wants to welcome them back.” That’s a big part of the Casa mission.

The Casa Mission

To Help Heal
Broken Hearts!
To Offer Clarity to
Your Life's Purpose!
To Bring Comfort,
Peace and Joy 
to Your Soul!

A non-denominational Spiritual Oasis for those wishing to
connect with the Love of the Divine!

If you have a broken heart, stop and rest awhile!
We'll do our best to help you heal…

If you've lost your way, stop and rest awhile!
We'll try to help you with directions…

If you are in grief, stop and rest awhile!
We care about your wellness, and we'll try to help you find relief.

If you are hungry for peace and joy in your life, stop and rest awhile!
We'll share the experiences that brought peace and joy into our lives,
and the lives of others.

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