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A non-denominational Spiritual Oasis for those wishing to connect with the Love of the Divine!


If you have a broken heart, stop and rest awhile! We'll do our best to help you heal…

If you've lost your way, stop and rest awhile! We'll try to help you with directions…

If you are in grief, stop and rest awhile! We care about your wellness, and we'll try to help you find relief.

If you are hungry for peace and joy in your life, stop and rest awhile!
We'll share the experiences that brought peace and joy into our lives, and the lives of others.

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Could You Use a Helping Hand?

Sure, you'd like to handle difficult times on your own, but, be open to accept another point of view, an encouraging word, another way of looking at your situation. That's a big part of the mission of Casa de Santa Maria — to help you through the tough times, to let you know you're not alone, to help in your healing process. Just know that we care, and we are grounded in spiritual love, not religious law. In whatever painful situation you find yourself know you are loved and worthy of love because you are a "Thought of God!"


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A non-denominational healing center to connect with the Divine—free to all...

The Casa Mission

To Help Heal Broken Hearts!
To Offer Clarity to Life's Purpose!
To Bring Comfort, Peace and Joy to the Soul!


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Casa de Santa Maria is not a church nor is it connected with any organized religion. Our belief is "It is love that heals."
Love—acceptance of all—judging no one—and the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated.


It was during Susan and Milt Sanderford's pilgrimage to sacred Medjugorje, Bosnia in 2003, Mother Mary asked that they accept her request to help introduce her to a new audience of non-Catholics, who, like the Sanderford's, never knew how, where, or even if the Divine Mother fit into their spiritual life. Mother Mary also asked Susan and Milt to reach out to wounded Catholics with her healing message of continued love and never ending devotion.


During their pilgrimage to Abadjania, Brazil in 2005, while visiting with world renowned healer Joao de Deus — (John of God), at his healing Casa de Dom Incacio de Loyola — Jesus told Susan in meditation, "We need your help in creating a Casa in America. It is for my mother, where her healing presence will reside!" Prior to these two life changing requests, the Sanderford's focus had been in helping folks heal from childhood wounds and the pain and grief caused by the physical loss of a loved one. Now they have combined Jesus and Mary's requests with their previous work, and welcome you to the result — the Casa de Santa Maria.

Casa de Santa Maria is both a website as well as a literal sacred healing place being created in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado — the world's largest Alpine Valley. Our prayer is that you will find spiritual encouragement and strength as you peruse these pages, and if you are experiencing grief from loss of any kind, that your grief will be lessened and eventually healed. Please visit this site often as it is frequently updated.

A non-denominational place — free to all.



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It takes a Village to create a Casa! This is your Casa, created for you out of the Love of Mother Mary. To date the Casa de Santa Maria has grown organically through the love and support of ordinary grass root folks who have been touched by it's message and mission of Divine Love for all of God's children, no matter your religious background or beliefs, or no religion or beliefs. The Casa is not affiliated with any church or religion. God exists in all things and if you look for the Divine, you will find the Divine! Your love, prayers and financial support are a strong commitment to helping us awaken hearts to their Divinity, which in turn transforms the entire world.


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The Casa de Santa Maria has committed to being a loving, positive presence within the world. Our mission with our world community outreach programs is to "Change Lives—One Heart at a Time!"
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The Casa de Santa Maria has committed to being a loving, positive presence within our local community in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Costilla County, where the Casa resides. This is the poorest county in Colorado with an average income below $18,000 per household. Below are the areas of charitable impact we focus on to help make a positive difference in our community and throughout the world.
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