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Mother Mary's Garden Progress



In search of where the Casa de Santa Maria should be located, after leading the Sanderfords to San Luis, Colorado, Mother Mary made clear she had chosen a parcel of land just 5-miles west of the town as the site for her nondenominational healing prayer and meditation garden. Although hoping for a more tropical climate, reluctantly the Sanderford's agreed, and returned to their newly purchased home in Sedona, Arizona, sold their home and belongings and moved to San Luis to begin the creation of the Casa de Santa Maria.


Several days after locating the property, on October 7th, 2006, the 38 acres of land west of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains was purchased and donated to the Casa by a friend of the Sanderfords and the Casa-project, NASA employee living in Virginia, Gordon Degear.

2007 mpg2

After clearing a 400 foot diameter space for the future garden site, the next step in developing Mother Mary's Garden was the search for life giving water. Drilling 163 feet into the underground river that runs beneath the Casa de Santa Maria property, we found an abundant supply of clear Rocky Mountain water.


The San Luis Valley is considered "high desert" but is also known for the massive aquifer that lies beneath the Casa's sage brush and tumbleweed-laced desert soil.

2008 mpg3

Arriving by boat and truck from Alaska, September 18, 2008 was a picture perfect day to install our 10.5 foot, 750 pound totem pole carving of Mother Mary. Her honored place marks the very center of Mother Mary's Garden. The totem sculpture faces toward magnificent, sacred to the Native-Americans, Mount Blanca to the north, with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the east, and the San Juan Mountains to the West and the sacred Native-American Ute Mountain just 16 miles South -- all forming the largest alpine valley in the world -- the San Luis Valley.

2008 mpg4

With a long range plan to operate completely off the grid, the next step in the development of Casa de Santa Maria was to introduce a solar panel system to power the ancient flowing waters to the surface.


We were so delighted the day our solar panels were installed. This allowed us to then put in place an effective irrigation system to all parts of the garden. Voila, the high country desert begins to bloom.

2008 mgp 5

With the breathtaking Native-American Mother Mary totem sculpture in place, Susan and Milt began implementing the overall layout of the massive 300 foot diameter healing prayer and meditation garden -- designed several years earlier by Susan and the Casa'a spirit helpers.


This began with our local Amish carpenter friends creating a massive five-pointed flower-box star to encompass the Mother Mary statue. The five-pointed star represents the Star of Bethlehem, and the 5 joys of Mary.

2009 mgp7

And the desert blooms! This became our signature picture once the center circle landscaping was completed by our Mormon and Spanish friends at North River Greenhouse in Alamosa, Colorado.


At this point we were finally able to see the dream of creating this sacred non-denominational oasis start to take shape.

Even though Mother Mary's Garden was only one-tenth completed, visitors soon began to find their way to this tiny circle in the desert, already experiencing and commenting on the loving healing energy being created for all future visitors to enjoy.

2010 Lady Head

A documented Mother Mary's Garden experience reported by a San Luis founding-family member.
(Reprinted from the La Sierra newspaper.)

"Last spring, I was diagnosed with a congenital, life-threatening chronic condition that would become worse in time. Shortly after the diagnosis, my husband and I were sitting on a bench in front of the carving of Mother Mary, and we both saw glittering sparkles around the statue’s head. I personally felt a physical energy reaching out to me. What you see and experience in Mother Mary’s Garden is indeed a labor of love, a gift to all of us. Mother Mary's Garden has been a gift to me in the miraculous healing that has occurred since I started visiting the garden. Even my doctors have been amazed. I believe that the healing power of a sacred site, such as this Garden and Stations of the Cross, combined with the medical technology available, the power of prayer, energy healing and meditation - all of this rooted in belief, can heal and restore the body to its normal state, which is perfect health. Mystical spirituality is alive and well in our own San Luis."

2010 mgp12

One of the most complex of the seven circles surrounding the main center circle in Mother Mary's Garden, the Star Child Circle consists of a Star of David encompassed by 12 boulders, each representing an Archangel. In the center rests the largest boulder representing Archangel Michael.


This year, 2011, the star Child Circle was in breathtaking full bloom.

2010 mgp

A ten foot wide beltway of lush Kentucky blue grass was placed around the center garden completing the center circle of Mother Mary's Garden. We've also added five flowering crabapple trees. Seven Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures will eventually grace this encompassing beltway.

2010 mgp

Although this beautiful 3-tiered hand-crafted fountain currently stands alone, it marks the center courtyard for our soon to be constructed healing grotto and prayer and meditation chapel. The chapel circle will be surrounded by an adobe-style wall and landscaped as an enclosed garden to the entrance of the prayer and mediation chapel.


The main center circle of the garden is in the background.

2011 mgp 8

Since ancient times Labyrinths have been used as meditation tools to move forward on one's spiritual journey. Two such Labyrinths have recently been constructed as part of Mother Mary's Garden. The 5-circuit labyrinth (comprised of three tons of newly mined mica rock) (shown here) is dedicated to the Divine Masculine. Landscaping around the labyrinth to follow.


mgp 15

This 6-circuit labyrinth (comprised of four tons of Rio Grande river rock) is dedicated to the Divine Feminine



The prestigious National Geographic Magazine created a world wide website to recommend places worth visiting for folks traveling to the Four-Corners area of America. (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.) They were asked to take a look at the Casa de Santa Maria's Mother Mary's non-denominational prayer and meditation healing garden in San Luis. They did—and here's the result:


With another 80% to go before completion, you can begin to imagine the impact this tiny spot on planet earth will eventually create within and for visitors from around the country as well as beyond.


mgp 13

Healing Stone Circle


Although the stones were placed in 2010 this was the year we landscaped around the stones. Each outer stone is set to the Soltice or Equinox. Yes, we got up in 20 degree weather on December 21 to watch the sun rise so we could mark the Winter Soltice stone. Each stone in the outer circle is named after an Archangel and the center eight stones are pink quartz stones quarried in Colorado. The pink stone are dedicated to Mother Mary and all bolders were donated by Casa supporters.


mgp 17


Native-American Medicine Wheel

We like to show this picture of our newly installed Native-American Medcine wheel because of the ray from the sun beaming to the center of the Medicine Wheel as if Mother Nature was giving her approval. The men working on the Medicine Wheel are from North River Greenhouse, who have done all of the landscaping work at Mother Mary's Garden.


mgp 12

Native-American Ceremonial Fire Pit


The thirteen red granet bolders encircling the ceremonial fire pit represent the thirteen moons of the year. The Fire Pit was recently blessed by Casa supporter Harriet Carpenter, who performed a Traditional Cherokee Blessing Ceremony.


mgp 11

Shade Pavilion


We finally have some shade at the garden. Thank you to our Casa Angel, Silvana Smith who donated the funds to purchase this 12' x 12' Amish built shade pavilon.

2014 outhouse

D.J.'s House of Contemplation


And... finally a place to go pee! Our much needed outhouse was donated by Casa Angel Don Johnson. Thus, the name

."DJ's House of Contemplation!" Now guests and visitors will have an emergency place for rest and deep thought.




Connecting walkways


Our local Mormon fiends at North River Greenhouse complete a major project at the Casa de Santa Maria's Mother Mary's Garden installing the massive walkways to connect our various garden circles—StarChild Circle, Native-American Ceremonial Circle and Medicine Wheel Circle, Sacred Stone Healing Circle—and our Divine Feminine and Divine Labyrinth Circles to our main welcoming circle that features our Native-American totem carving of Mother Mary.


Along with the walkways, and between the center circle and each of the surrounding circles they have also constructed decorative sections that include beautiful Colorado White and Rose Quartz Stones with a Quaking Aspen Tree surrounded with three Russian Sage Plants. A stunning addition to our Casa Garden.


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