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About the Centerpiece of Mother Mary's Garden!

Lee Wallace

Mother Mary told Susan, "In honor of their many sacrifices, have a Native-American carve a statue of me to serve as a focal point and to welcome visitors to my healing prayer and meditation garden."


Hand carved by a third generation Native-American Master Totem Carver of the Haida Tribe of Ketchikan, Alaska, Lee Wallace, (Guugwaangs) , his magnificent Mother Mary sculpture now stands in welcome to her Garden for visitors from throughout this country, and beyond.


"Yes that is my Haida name, meaning "Wanderer!" I received that name as a young boy growing up in a small indian village of Hydaberg, Alaska. Well before TV, Telephone, electronic games, internet, and the like, as a child I would race about the village in the woods, the beaches, playing with friends. (It does take a village to raise a child.) Being gone most of the day, wandering about -- hence forth my father named me Guugwaangs!."


It was my extreme honor to be a part of this wonderful project.

Lee Wallace

Tribe President

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"Searching for the right "Spirit Tree" for the carving of Mother Mary's statue took well over a year."

"To our people the western red cedar tree is the Tree of Life. A very Sacred Monument."b
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"Once the proper tree is found I would say it should take about five months to complete!" Our peoples of the NW coast have a weaving we call Raven's Tail. That will be done on Mary's cloak.
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"Susan and Milt, I will follow your design as faithfully as possible." Master Totem Carver Lee Wallace."Guugwaangs."

"Your description of the eventual garden setting of the sculpture sounds wonderful!" Apprentice Carver Charles Peele.

Every stone, every flower indeed, every addition to Mother Mary's Garden to date is the result of private donations from the many Casa de Santa Maria and Mother Mary's' Garden supporters from around the world.


To bring this amazing piece of Native-American art to reality, a total of $15,500 was given to cover the actual carving and all associated ancillary expenses.


Here's a brief video of the initial un-crating of the sculpture. (Please note, the YouTube videos that follow at the end of this video are not all associated with the Casa de Santa Maria.)

The following is a video of the western red cedar totem carving of Mother Mary's statue arrival and placement in what was soon to become the center piece of Mother Mary's Garden, located in the heart of mystical San Luis Valley Colorado. Mother Mary's Statue was installed September 18th of 2008.


(Please note, the YouTube videos that follow at the end of this video are not all associated with the Casa de Santa Maria.)

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To Heal Broken Hearts, Offer Clarity to Your Life's Purpose, Bring Comfort, Peace, Joy and Love to your Soul!

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Mother Mary's Garden Welcome Center

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