The Beloved

My dearest child...

You are the Christ. You are the love of God. You are the hope of the world. You are the Beloved. You are the child I held in my arms long ago. Although his name was Jesus, all of what is holy, good and divine came together to represent itself in that small infant.

All of what is holy, good and divine resides in you. Yes, the same Love and Divinity that is within Jesus is within you. Therefore, you are the Light of the world, just as Jesus is the Light of the world. And, oh how I love your light.

When you celebrate the coming of the Christ Child, know that it is you that I celebrate. I now ask you to celebrate yourselves. Imagine it is you I held in my arms that long ago starlit evening. Imagine the Star that heralded the birth of the Christ Child was also heralding your birth.

I touch you with the tender love of my mother's heart, just as I touched my son Jesus. I welcomed each of you into the world, and I rejoiced the day you were born. I now cradle each of you in my loving embrace, for YOU are my beloved child.

Mother Mary