Be My Love

My dearest childern…

You were created to be love in a world of pain.
Wipe my children's tears.

You were created to give hope to a lost world.
Forgive my children's mistakes.

You were created to find the good in everyone.
Encourage all who cross your path.

Know that I love every child of God,
as much a I love each one of you.

Love my children until they can feel my arms
surrounding them in love's embrace.

Caress their face and remind them they are loved.
Hold their hand and walk by their side
as they look for peace within their own hearts.

Look in their eyes and remind them
they too are loved by God.

Just love, and the whole world will right itself.
The dream of pain and suffering will drift away
into nothingness to be remembered no more,
and you will awaken to the glorious memory
of having never left the heart and love of God.

Mother Mary