Messages of Love from Mother Mary

Greetings dearest children…

Choose love today and see what grows.
Like a flower, the beauty of life will spread open it's petals to receive the Light. Choose love and you will become Love.

Choose kindness today to open heart’s doors.
One gentle word of kindness is a healing balm more powerful than medicine. Choose kindness and you will heal.

Choose compassion and see what flows.
A river of love will flow from one person to the next awakening their hearts to love. Choose compassion and your life will flow.

Choose acceptance to mend broken hearts.
Judge not your neighbor's journey, but accept them instead.
They reach out for love. Choose acceptance and your heart will mend.

Choose laughter today and make hearts smile.
For when the heart smiles you see the world in a whole new light.
Choose laughter and be the light of the world.

Dreams, dreams of love for others, and your dreams of love will come true. Choose to listen to your inner heart, for it is there Love waits to embrace you with the greatest discovery you have been seeking.
Love has never abandoned you.

Mother Mary