Finding Your Heart

Greetings my dear beloved ones…

I welcome you into my hearts.

I would like to speak to you of the coming year. The coming year of new possibilities. The coming year of finding your heart. The coming year of becoming alive again. The coming year of finding yourself and finding your spirit. And, most importantly my dear ones … the coming year of finding your own love for self.

Yes, it is love… it is love that changes and makes new. It is Love that heals. It is Love that surrounds you. It is Love that is in you. Love resides in every cell of your being. In every part of your mind … in every part of your heart.

Your job this year, my beloved ones, is to look for that love, in every aspect of yourself. Know that when you invite love into your being, this Divine Love transforms, heals, and it brings you to peace. Peace that is beyond all understanding. Peace that is not yours, but peace that is from the very heart of God… the very throne of God, from which you came forth.

Yes, my dear beloved ones, you are from the very heart of God. You are from the very throne of God. And… you ARE God. I want you to know that my dear children, that as you open your hearts to this wondrous miracle -- the miracle of Love, it will come and reside in your heart. It will expand, it will open. It will allow you to become LOVE.

This is my job, my dear ones… my beloved ones. I want you to know I will help you with the awakening of Love within you. I will walk with you and I will hold your hand. And I will come to each of you that call upon me. And I will embrace you with such magnificent love, you will know that you have always been Loved, you have always been helped. I will help you become aware of that Love the Love I give to you and resides in you. And our Love will merge together to become wondrous light of God shining in the darkness. And as you walk in this world you will see Light all around you. You will see it in others, you will see that in reality ALL IS LOVE. Everyone is Love, and you will help them become aware of their own Love.

I come, my dear children, into your heart -- to all those that welcome me. I reside there, I hold you and comfort you, and I heal you. I bless you with Divine Love. Most importantly, my dear children, I want you to know you are so loved, and so blessed, just the way your are, right now in this very moment. It is a new beginning today… a new beginning this year. As you step forward and choose Love… Peace will come and Light will come.

My blessings to you my dear children. I bless you in all things, and I will come when you call.

Mother Mary