God Lives In You

My dearest children…

Listen, my child, and you will hear the quiet voice of Love in all things.
For God speaks to you every moment of every day.
Even in the mundane tasks of life.
God lives in each moment. Every moment is sacred.
Every moment is God. Every moment is Love.

God lives in the moments of hopelessness and despair.
Listen and you will hear His quiet breath of Love upon you.

God lives in the moments of joy and happiness.
His love for you does not change.
His Love is eternal in each and every moment of your existence.

Listen and you will know the heartbeat of God lives within you.
Steady and sure the heartbeat of Love continues on,
whether or not you are aware.

Listen, my child, and you will feel the magical reunion
of Divine Love merging in your heart.
Your spirit will be renewed and your heart will become whole.

Listen, my child, and know God lives.

Mother Mary