Our Lady of Light

Brilliant light shone from the center of her being, radiating its soft glow to the surrounding landscape. It was difficult to distinguish facial features through the shining light. However, I knew with all my heart it was Mother Mary standing in the broad garden archway. Draped in a simple blue robe and veil, gazing in our direction, her arms were reaching out in a welcoming gesture. Speaking no words, her loving presence swirled around and through my being, saying nothing and everything at the same time.

How it came to be that we were standing in this place, watching this scene unfold, was furthest from my mind. Most surprising was how it felt to be in this moment. Love, peace, joy, laughter, kindness, goodness and innocence all bundled together in one new breathtaking emotion, permeated the area, flowing from her presence, penetrating every part of my being.

Absorbed in this magnificent experience, I was acutely aware that the negative feelings so often felt on this earth plane were nowhere to be found. Conspicuously absent was the presence of ego, self-centeredness and judgment. Never experiencing this before, it felt heavenly, and oh so good.

Standing somewhere close behind, Milt was busy talking and laughing with the other friendly folks milling around. He seemed unaware of where my attention was focused. Reaching back to grab his arm, I excitedly exclaimed, “Look! Our Lady is welcoming us! Our Lady is welcoming us!”

I was surprised by the words flowing so effortlessly out of my mouth. Never once called her “Our Lady,” feeling that term sounded too Catholic, yet in this moment that was exactly who she was. It felt so right.

She smiled, acknowledging my excitement, and turned to stroll down the garden pathway. There was no need to follow, touch, or even speak to her. She had already gifted me her smile and welcome. Being in this special place, absorbed in her peaceful energy was more than enough.

Dressed in simple white robes, others hurried to keep pace with Our Lady. They too were delighted to be in her loving presence. No one crowded or touched her. Like myself, simply being near was all that mattered. Somehow her gentle energy seemed to permeate everyone and everything. I found myself absorbed in the feelings of how wonderful it felt to be in her company.

Gazing to my right, I was astonished to discover Jesus in an engaging chat with several small children. As he caressed each of their smiling faces, he leaned in close as he spoke.  They stood enraptured with his words. The same loving feelings being in Mother Mary’s presence flowed from Jesus. His full attention was with the children, as if this was the most important conversation in the world, with the most important people.

Everyone knew Jesus was not the guest of honor. No one else, gathered around him or even seemed to be aware of his presence — except for me. He too was here to honor his Mother and be in her presence. It was as if Jesus himself was but another devoted follower like the rest of us. He sought no attention for himself. This celebration, this place, was for his Mother.

My consciousness began to float above the beautiful scene. Receiving a bird’s eye view of what was taking place, realization came we were in some heavenly dimension, and at the Casa de Santa Maria at the same time. People had come to be in Mary’s presence. They were honored to have the opportunity to feel her love. This was all that was important.

“I must get up and prepare for her,” I thought to myself. Suddenly my sleepy eyes popped open. Tiny lights floated rapidly around in my inner vision, something that occurs when I have a visionary experience. Blinking a couple of times to clear my head, I knew that what was just experienced was not a dream.

Snuggled under the warm winter blankets, I was shocked to find myself lying in my own bed. Sensing something important had just happened, Tucker popped up from his curled position next to my warm body and looked around drowsily for something unseen. Wide-eyed he looked at me as if to ask, “What’s up?” Reaching out I gave him a reassuring pet on his furry head. Not to wake up the deeply snoozing Milt, I elatedly whispered to my feline friend “Mother Mary just visited!”

Barely containing my excitement, I flipped off the blankets, which sent Tucker scurrying to the floor. Overwhelming feelings of needing to get up, at that very moment, and start building the Casa brick-by-brick filled my thoughts. Urgency of needing to have everything ready for her arrival overwhelmed my senses. At that moment, all I wanted and needed more than anything was to serve Mother Mary.

A celebratory cup of tea and raisin toast seemed in order, halfway thinking I should clean the kitchen, just in case Mary was to pop in for another visit. Quietly slipping on my teddy bear robe, and pulling on my fuzzy warm pink socks, I groped around to find my glasses and headed for the kitchen, wondering what time it could possibly be. Tucker followed behind, in hope of a snack somewhere in his immediate future.

The green LED light of the stove clock lit up the kitchen. It was 11:11 pm. I smiled at the significance of such timing. “Looks like we’re in divine flow Tucker!”

Instinctively reaching for two mugs and two pieces of toast, I pondered if I should wake Milt to share the excitement. Knowing he would be disappointed if I didn’t wake him for the impromptu midnight picnic, I slid the two slices of bread into the toaster and added more water to the already simmering kettle.

Tiptoeing into the bedroom I gently laid my hand on Milt’s shoulder. As if a pesky fly landed, his hand came up to shoo it away. I giggled, feeling a bit mischievous for waking him from his peaceful slumber. This time nudging a bit more intensely, Milt’s head shot up from the pillow trying to grasp what was happening. “Mother Mary came!” I quietly blurted. “I made tea and toast. Do you want to get up and celebrate with me?” His reaction, “Neat!” and he hopped out of bed, without a second thought, eager,as usual, to share in the experience.

A few days earlier I had been pondering what Mother Mary’s personality felt like. Amazing how this one small thought had opened an unexpected door.

There have been plenty of visions where I have experienced her love. When I channel her words, I feel her love. She helped heal certain emotions, self-esteem wounds, and had given me the gift of understanding and accepting my worthiness of being loved as a child of God.

Each time she came with a gift, not once did she ask for anything in return. In answer to my request, this time she came allowing me to experience her personality and to feel her overwhelming Love. Lesson learned? Ask and you shall receive!

Susan Sanderford
January 2007