Greetings my dear beloved ones…

Imagine the possibilities of miracles — the possibilities of miracles within your own heart, within your own life, and within your own world.

You, my dear children, are each a Divine miracle. And, you can give miracles to the world. The way you open your heart to miracles is to open your heart to Love. Divine love that surrounds you, becomes you, lives in you, and penetrates every cell of your being.

As you welcome this Love into your life, miracles begin to happen all around you. It is not a matter of wishing them to occur. It is a matter of opening your heart to them. They exist in all forms and all ways. When you surrender to the ideas that miracles can happen in every moment of every day, you then allow the world to see them. They are ever present yet most are not aware of them.

My dear children, as you open your heart to miracles, we want to help you understand that miracles are nothing more than the creative thought of your own mind, your own intent, your own love. Thought and love that exudes and moves through you to unblock the channels so Divine Love can flow.

My dear children, the most important thing to understand here is not to focus on the miracle, but to focus on the Love. Connect, think, and dwell on Love. Invite Love into your life. Ask Love to become you. Ask Love to remove the barriers that prevent you from seeing the miracles already happening all around you.

Yes, my dear children, you are a miracle, you are love, and you are divine. Within you is the ability to create magnificent miracles through Love. Through love, miracles will manifest in your life.

You may ask, “How will I know a miracle when I see it?” More importantly, you will know a miracle when you feel it. With miracles will come the feeling of understanding, the feeling of Love, the feeling of shifting, the feeling of knowing a new perception and understanding of your world has changed to a feeling of peace. And, that my dear children, is the miracle.

We would like to invite you today, to sit a few moments to welcome miracles and Love into your life. Take a few moments to open your heart and imagine Love pouring forth into your heart, then out of your heart miracles will flow.

Know, my dear children, how much you are loved. As you continue to seek help, we will come, and help. You are loved more than you know!

Mother Mary