Messages of Love from Mother Mary

My dearest children…

I come with my mother's love to embrace you and tell you of your wholeness. For there is nothing, my children, that I and your Heavenly Father will not help you solve, if you but ask. My role in your life is to remind you of your goodness, and your inheritance as a child of the Heavenly Father, for you have been created as perfect in God's eyes.

I come to show you your worthiness of God's Love, which has never been in question, except in your own minds. I gently nudge you into the arms of the Father for Him to shine away all your mis-thoughts and fears.

As your Divine Mother I wait for you to come rushing into my arms to sooth and comfort you in times of need. I do not tell you how to act or think, I just love you with all my heart and gently guide you back to the remembrance of the greatness of your own heart.

Many sorrows will come into your heart, they are but great gifts to lead you home to the heart of Divine Love. My son Jesus will guide you also, if you but ask. For together our role is to hold that place of Divine Love, Holiness and Light, so that you may find your way back to the remembrance of your holy place in the presence of the heart of God. Each one of you have never been lost to God's loving embrace. You have only forgotten. That place safely awaits your return.

Know that I am with you always. Your Heavenly Father and I walk beside you awaiting the day you open your eyes to our presence. Then we will rejoice together with you, for our child has remembered our immeasurable love and has come home.

I wait with open arms, my children. I wait to embrace you with my mother's love. You are the heart of God. I will wait for you until you remember.

Mother Mary