You Are One With All Things

My dearest children…

I bestow to each and every one of you my love.
For each of you are worthy of love… each of you are love.

Did you know that love surrounds you each moment of every day?
Love is in the colors of the flowers, in their aroma.
The flowers were created to show you, you are loved.

The animals were created to show you, you are loved.
They are your companions to help you along the way.
They dance the dance of love with you,
touching the places of love within your soul.
They were created for you, as an aspect of you,
for the animals are you, and the flowers are you.

Yes indeed, my children, you are one with all things…
the birds that fly, the rain that falls, the wind in your face.
These are all aspect of yourself.
You are creating every moment, every experience,
and it is all love.

Dance the dance with all things,
knowing that love is at work in all things.
It is present in all things, and in every moment.

You, my children, are the voice of love.
You are the voice of God, and indeed you are my voice of love,
and the children of my heart. Know the day is coming when you all will see your own glory, and you all will see love is You.

Mother Mary