Walk With Me

My dearest children…

I want to take you to places of the heart never before seen.

I want to take you to places of my heart never before felt.

Will you trust me to take the healing oil of my love and touch the broken places?

If you will, we will sit there together, you and I and gaze upon the wounded places.

If you would like, I will ever so gently place my touch upon each one.

You may feel pain and you will cry.
I will cry too!

You may feel joy and you will laugh.
I will laugh too.

You may feel fear and pull away.
I will wait.

With each touch of my love I have come to heal you.
Not to change you.

I ask nothing of you but to allow me to walk with you a while and welcome my love into your heart.

Will you open your heart to me and allow me to take you on the journey to my love?

Will you let me hold your heart, or will you struggle against my touch?

Will you let me look into your eyes, or will you turn away.

So, I stand here waiting, my child.

All you need do is lift up your eyes to mine, and in that moment I will gather you into my arms and we will begin the work of mending your heart.

I await, my child, I await.

Mother Mary