Did You Know You Had Wings?


Her outstretched arms waited for me to run into them. I was my three-year-old self again, needing to feel loved. Gathered into her arms, she cradled me close to her breast. Her love felt comforting as I snuggled into the safe place found in her embrace. Gently she stroked my hair, causing me to look into her beautiful smiling face. “Did you know you had wings?” she asked.

Looking over my shoulder, checking to see if this were true, as if by magic two feathery-white wings sprouted between my shoulders and grew into perfectly sized cherub wings.

“Are they not the most gorgeous wings you have ever seen!” she said, as she stretched out my wings into their full majestic span. Gazing into her radiant blue eyes, love poured forth from them into mine.

Becoming lost in her love, I rested my weary head again on her soft shoulder, thankful to be with her in this special moment. Her motherly love enveloped my hurting heart. No one had ever made me feel so special.

She pulled me tighter into her embrace and whispered into my ear:

My dearest child…

Did you know you had wings? Did you know you could fly?

Did you know you were birthed from the angels on high?

Did you know each breath you take is Divine?

Did you know your heart is made from mine?

Did you know there is nothing you could ever do
that would take my love away from you?

Did you know I am near, as close as your heart?

Did you know I have been there from your very start?

Did you know I whisper love words in your ear?

Did you know my presence has always been near?

Do you know of your greatness? Do you know of your soul?

Do you know you have always been perfect and whole?

If you know not these wonders I share here today,
Then just ask from your heart and you’ll hear my voice say…

Did you know you had wings? Did you know you could fly?

Did you know you were birthed from the angels on high?

The beautiful, healing scene faded from my inner vision as her expressions of love echoed in my ears. Tears flowed from my eyes landing on the soft pillow beneath my head. How unexpected, yet so needed, was the vision that had magically appeared in my mind.
It seemed only moments ago I had ask for Mother Mary’s help—and she came. My shattered self-esteem had taken a beating over the past weeks, yet with this brief encounter, feeling her love, all the pain of self-disappointment disappeared into nothingness.

Susan Sanderford