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Casa de santa MariA • Spiritual Growth Retreats
Awaken Your Intuitive Heart
July 9 - 11, 2015 • With World Renowned Spiritual Teacher Susan Sanderford


Susan Sanderford - Spiritual Teacher

One of four spiritual teachers throughout the world recommended as reputable by James Van Praagh, spiritual medium pioneer, best selling author and television producer.

Known world-wide as a gifted, authentic spiritual teacher and spiritual medium, through her seminars, sacred sites tours and her gift of mediumship and inspired spiritual counseling, author Susan Sanderford has had a profound healing effect on thousands in search of relief from grief and a closer connection with their divinity. During this week, Susan will lead you to discover your intuitive heart.



Milt Sanderford —The Mysteries of Healing—


Acknowledged by spirit as a gifted healer, on the final evening of our retreat, as part of the closing ceremonies, Milt will present a healing session designed to address physical, emotional and material difficulties you might be dealing with. (He will be assisted by a special guest from the spirit dimension!) You will want to be a part of this experience.