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Casa de santa MariA • Spiritual Growth Retreats
The Teachings of Mother Mary
September 27-29, 2015 • With World Renowned Spiritual Teacher Susan Sanderford

About the Retreat

Does Mother Mary play a role in our lives today? Can and does she speak to us? Yes, Mother Mary does play an important role in our spiritual journeys when she is invited into our lives. Her role is to teach us how to love ourselves! Might not seem like much but the truth is—that's the key to our happiness and contentment!

Come join Susan on this 3-day adventure—a magical journey of Love into the Heart of Mary as she shares the teachings of Mary and her amazing encounters with Mother Mary and learn what role she has played in her own life. This retreat will open your heart ever wider to discover your Divine Mother.

You say "But I'm not Catholic! Mary responds "Neither am I!" She's the universal mother of us all. We non-Catholics never learned her important role in our lives.

• Learn how to connect with the Heart of Mary.

• Learn how to receive messages from her to help you in your life.

• Learn how to become open to feeling her presence and Divine Love.

• Share your experiences with other like minded souls.

• Hear her messages for you, your life and this world.

• Allow your heart to be transformed with the Love of the Divine Mother.

This retreat is especially for those who want to grow deeper into the mysteries of the presence of the Divine. If you are a seeker of truth, looking for healing, wanting to learn how to Love Yourself, and wanting to expand your consciousness to feel the presence of the Divine Mother then join us as we chase the mystery of Mother Mary!

A Gathering You Will Always Remember—
In a Place You Will Never Forget!

• Visit Colorado's oldest Mission at San Acacio where an amazing documented miracle took place...

• Visit the Sacred Healing Grounds of the Casa's Mother Mary's Garden...

• Visit the Sacred Stations of the Cross, built by the hands of local residents of San Luis...

Also Planned:

Appearances by the Divine Feminine Energy of Mother Mary and the incomparable Doctor James Martin Peebles (who has been residing in the spirit dimension since February 15, 1922.)

Also Planned.

In his book The Mysterious Valley, Christopher O'Brian focused on the frequent paranormal activities of this area—as he described "In America's Rugged San Luis Valley, The Nighttime Peace Is Shattered By The Otherworldly And Unnatural!"

In this land of frequent and strong UFO activity you will experience an evening-by-the-fire "Sky Watch" at the Casa Garden. (At the most recent Casa Sky Watch, over seven UFO's were observed.)

Also Planned:

This area is well known for being the home to herds of wild horses, many are decedents of the Spanish Conquistadors dating back to the mid 1500's. Wild Horse Mesa is just a few miles from The Casa de Santa Maria, where herds are still found. Conservationist and world class photographer Judy Barnes will take our group on a search for these magnificent animals.

Now you understand why we say this will be;

A Gathering You Will Always Remember
In a Place You Will Never Forget!


Cost: $795 Meals and lodging (double occupancy) included.

Save $100 and register before August 15th and pay $695

A $250 deposit is required to guarantee your space for the 3-day retreat, with the balance due by September 1st. Seating is limited so register early!

(If you are traveling alone we'll be happy to match you with a compatible room partner.)

If you would like a PRIVATE ROOM for the four nights please add $150 for a total of $845 if paying on or before August 20, 2014—After August 20, 2014 cost is $945.00

(If your finances are a bit depleted we'll happily make a payment plan to fit your budget. Something like—pay $500 prior to the retreat and make six monthly payments to pay the balance. OR—offer your own payment plan that more closely fits your current ability.)

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